Declassified Network

We have set a target of creating 9 different podcast with at least 10 episodes in each.

Hosts will be different members of the military community and each (other than Declassified) with be very specific to a certain area.

So far we have 2 active podcasts as part of the network:

  1. Declassified – Documenting Military Stories
  2. Forces Friendly – These conversations are dedicated to the cross-hair where business meets the Military.
  3. Work in Progress
  4. Work in Progress
  5. Work in Progress
  6. Initial Ideas
  7. Initial Ideas
  8. Initial Ideas
  9. Initial Ideas

Watch this space for future podcast with some amazing hosts, covering some impactful and valuable subject.

(P.s we are investigating funding options as we speak and open to any/all viable suggestions)