In the run up to episode 19 which is out on boxing day 2018 we wanted to launch a simple and easy wellness campaign that will help improve mental health as well as resilience and increase clarity and calmness of thought.

Its very easy to do and it’s totally FREE.

Step 1 – Take a cold shower. Starting with 1 minute and slowly increasing to 5 minutes on Christmas day.

A good way of increasing is adding 15-20 minutes per day until you reach 5 minutes. Feel free to increase/decrease when appropriate.

Studies have proven cold water therapy increases your immune and nervous system, reduces stress levels, improves alertness and even assist weight loss.

For more info please visit – here


Step 2 – Spend at least 1 hour per day in nature (try as get as much was possible though). That can be – spending time in your garden with the kids, walking the dog in the park or eating your lunch in the city whilst looking up to the sky.

For more information on the benefits of spending time in nature please click – here


Step 3 – HEADSPACE – Download the free app headspace on your mobile and spend at least 5 minutes per day in guided meditation.

Find more information about guided meditation – here

We’ve purposefully kept it simple and doable.

Lets do this together and spread the word around the power of cold water, nature and the mind.


p.s would be great to hear your thoughts on social media – @declasspodcast

p.p.s and don’t worry if you miss a day, just carry on when you can.